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When wine or cocktails simply won’t do, it’s time to draft a new plan. At the Cortlandt Colonial, it’s assuring to know your favorite brews are delivered with the same attention to quality and freshness as our other beverages. Be sure to check out both our award winning international and locally produced beer selections.

Cooperstown Benchwarmer Porter
Brewed in the town of Cooperstown, NY, Benchwarmer is a very smooth porter brewed in accordance with the original “high gravity” porters of early London. Produced using more than 4% chocolate malt it has a dry “coffee-like” finish and is most similar to the brown malts of the early 1700’s. This is a rich and very flavorful porter with exceptional drinkability.

Magic Hat Number 9
Opened in 1994 in Burlington, Vermont, an “alternative” magical theme runs through this brewery. The “Number 9” is a dry, crisp, fruity, refreshing, “not-quite” pale ale. It has a slight hint of apricot in the aroma and throughout the palate. Truly unique beer!

Southampton Secret Ale
Our special secret Alt beer, a copper-brown colored north German style ale with a malty flavor and a refreshing hop bitterness. SILVER MEDAL WINNER at the 1998 World Beer Cup, and BRONZE MEDAL WINNER at the 2002 Great American Beer Festival, and 2004 World Beer Cup! Produced in Southampton, NY.

Boont Amber Ale
Boont is the original and best selling ale of the Anderson Valley Brewing Company in Mendocino County, California. This medium-bodied amber ale has a beautiful copper color, and the rich flavor of caramel malt. This is a well balanced and very drinkable American-style amber ale that is delicious alone or a great accompaniment to any meal.

Hoegaarden Original White
This Belgian white beer is brewed in the town of Hoegaarden by the De Kluis brewery using a traditional recipe that dates back to 1445. It has won many awards including gold, silver, and bronze medals from numerous international beer competitions. Light and refreshing with flavors of yeasty wheat and citrus. Great with lightly flavored dishes.

Piratt is a world class amber colored Triple Flemish IPA, rated 98 out of 100. It is extremely complex and rich with a spicy light sweetness and the warmth of 10.5% alcohol. Piraat is full bodied, double fermented and bottle conditioned. Great with both meat and fish dishes!

Chimay Rouge
Chimay is one of only six authentic Trappist beers in the world. The monks at Chimay produced their first brew in 1862, twelve years after the Cistercian abbey first opened. The Chimay Rouge is a beer of subtle balances. It is russet-brown in color and raises a thick, creamy head. It is dry, yet malty with a rich fruity palate and a clean, crisp finish. A great food beer, particularly with roasted and grilled meats.

Lindemans Frambois Lambic
The most famous of the Lambic dessert beers. After aging in oak for 2 years, fresh raspberries are added, creating a beer of rare finesse, which captures the full flavor of the fruit. This is the ultimate dessert beer, sweet and tart, perfect with chocolate desserts or cheesecake. Produced in Belgium since 1811.


Other Bottled Beers

Budweiser (USA)

Becks (Germany)

Becks Dark (Germany)

Corona (Mexico)


Heineken (Holland)

Samuel Adams (USA)

Stella Artois (Belgium)

Yeungling Lager (USA)

Amstel Light (Holland)

Bud Light (USA)

Coors Light

Heineken Light

Michelob Ultra

(USA) Non-Alcoholic

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