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Since 1978 The Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant & Ballroom has been family owned and operated.  Originally started by George Liaskos and Pete Tsagarakis, the business has developed into a thriving restaurant and catering hall.  Today, the entire Liaskos family helps in the overall operations. 

The building in which we currently stand is steeped in history.  Through the years, it has held several different businesses, most being restaurants.  Records show that a building stood here as early as 1901.  The first known business that stood here for some time was known as Mape’s Restaurant.  Mape’s, stood here during the 40’s and sometime during the 50’s, the name was changed to Guenary’s Restaurant.  Guenary’s was a landmark restaurant and watering hole to the locals and was well known through the 1960’s.  During the early 1970’s, it changed hands and became known as Anthony’s Restaurant.  This was when a catering room was added.  Unfortunately, Anthony’s went out of business in the mid 70’s and the building stood dormant until purchased by the two young Greek men, George and Pete, both looking for a better life in the United States.  This was to be the second dining establishment for Pete, and the first for George, who had worked in the hospitality business since he was 15 years old.  While Pete knew about cooking and the business having owned a diner for several years prior, it was George who had honed his skills for many years on the great ocean liners the past during the late 60’s and early 70’s.  He worked his way up from a busboy to head waiter on these great cruise ships before immigrating to the United States in 1973. 

When the Cortlandt Colonial was opened, it was a chance that two Greek immigrants took, with the dream of owning a restaurant of their own in the United States.  With a lot of hard work, they were able to fix the place up and get it opened up in October 1978.  Soon after, the Cortlandt Colonial became a local landmark know for top quality food and great service at reasonable prices, something that has remained a constant throughout the years. 

Through the years, many changes have occurred, to both the business and the building in which we are located.  We have grown and expanded many times over.  Since the beginning, the catering side of the business has grown year over year and the restaurant menu and décor has changed with the times. 

Today, the Cortlandt Colonial Restaurant & Ballroom is owned and operated exclusively by the Liaskos Family. While the scope of the business has changed, the family’s ideals and commitment to the business, its customers, and the local area has remained steady and strong. We look forward to remaining the local destination for great food and hospitality for generations to come.

Evan Liaskos